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The Roots- Limited Edition

The Roots- Limited Edition

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The Roots bracelet includes a Tree of Life button closure for the continued growth and lifelong personal discovery in recovery as well a beautiful hammered copper plated circle as a touchstone reminder of your community and connection with each other.  This touchstone is a perfect reminder of your sobriety roots and what helps keep you grounded.

This limited-edition bracelet is customized to include a special number of beads according to your program and community.  Ten beads representing each Hola Sober tenant, Twelve beads for the AA steps recovery, Nine beads for The Luckiest Club's essential truths, and more. 

The bracelet is made of colored leather cord with copper coated accents and beautiful earthtone swirled glass Miyuki beads.  

** Please note in the "Order Special Instructions" section the number of beads you would like on this bracelet.

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