Care Recommendations for Copper Metal Accents

Copper parts are plated with pure copper so that their final appearance closely matches the natural tarnish of other solid copper components and are chemically antiqued.


Tarnish is a discoloration caused by exposure to oxygen and sulfur dioxide in the air. Sulfates can also be found in common materials like papers, plastics, leather, and cleaning and beauty products. The tarnish is a thin layer of oxidized metal on the surface and does not penetrate the item. On sterling silver this layer is usually grey to bluish black in color; on fine silver the color is a lighter tan color.

The tarnish on copper parts presents somewhat different issues. As copper readily oxidizes toward a deep brown color, the question is usually whether to allow the item to “go its natural course” or to periodically brighten the highlighted surfaces.

Some tips for avoiding tarnish on silver and copper, and keeping other finishes bright include:

  • Keep it dry - As with most metals, our plating does not like to get wet, so avoid exposing to activities such as swimming, showering or washing dishes.
  • Avoid exposure to products - Hairspray, perfume, lotions, makeup, and cleaning products can affect your jewelry. Put your jewelry on after dressing, grooming or cleaning.
  • Store properly - Avoid storing in the open air. It is much better to store in a jewelry box or zipper storage bag to keep the air out. Optional for our Fine Silver and Silver-filled finishes – store with Anti-Tarnish Strips.
  • Clean regularly - remove tarnish and soil when it is minimal. The longer you go between cleanings the harder it is to restore your pieces to their original luster. 

Above care is from the manufacture of the metal accent pieces.